Perimeter Security

People have been using walls, fences and gates for all of recorded history to keep out intruders. Times haven’t changed. Physically reinforcing the boundaries of your territory remains the first line of defense. Specifically, our goal is to protect employees, visitors and functions by deterring, detecting, delaying and denying threats.

Technology comes to the rescue with an extensive array of sensors — fiber optic, microwave, barrier, buried, etc. Other security products can include hydraulic bollards, plate barriers, lift arms, electric notification, Xray and magnetometer systems. And, of course, an integral part of any perimeter solution would necessarily involve a smart lighting system.

Beyond technology, we employ common sense measures to help prevent intruders from moving about unnoticed. Clearly designing and marking approaches to your property can go a long way toward channeling people to appropriate areas. Making this physical distinction between public and private property makes sense — because building occupants will more readily be be able to determine who belongs on the premises and who doesn’t.

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